Here you can get all the answers to your queries regarding this organization. We’ll try to give you the proper answer. Apart from that if you any other query please write us…

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Who we are?

Forever Foundation is Non-Profit Organization. We are not looking for any cash funding

To whom we are serving?

We are serving to all who really need of donated stuff by you and others. We are distributing the donation in actual form to road-side living people, labor at construction sites and rest in the slum areas without taking any single amount to form the donated stuff.

Source of funding?

This is self-funded NPO. If someone wants to support us then we accept only goods and other donation apart from the cash.

Where & When we distribute donation?

Currently, we are distributing at several locations in Jaipur on every weekend or as per the donation what we get from our supporters.

May I join you for the distribution of my contribution?

Yes. Of course, you can join us or if you have your own event please write to us for support. We are happy to help you.

Can you collect donation at my doorstep?

Yes, if possible we’ll collect it at your doorstep. But it’s not possible to collect donation form every doorstep. Sometimes we are unable to collect it due to the busy schedule, location issue or volunteers are not available in your area.

 Can I send my stuff at your location & how?

YES, People can use cab service to send their contribution to us. Make sure you have submitted the DONATION FORM available on the website before sending the stuff via UBER or OLA
|- You can send it via UBER & OLA.
|- Search for “FOREVER FOUNDATION” and book cab (never use Uber Pool/OLA Share).
|- Load your parcel with some detailed tag on it i.e.
DONOR: Your Name
DONATION: Stuff packed in Carton/Bag/Bunch etc.
NOTE:- Sender should have to pay the fare charges to the cab driver. We are not responsible for future disputes if happens regarding the fare charges. 

Membership – Terms & Conditions

  • All personal and other information provided by the applicant should be correct with proper required documents. (Self-attested Aadhaar Card copy).
  • The applicant will authorize to collect donation (NO CASH/DD/CHEQUE) after verification, but he/she need to inform Foundation regarding the donation with basic details i.e. Donner-Name, contact no. and city/town.
  • Members should maintain the record of collected donations and send a report on the weekly basis if required via email.
  • Forever Foundation will never accept any kind of donation in form of CASH/DD/CHEQUE and never permit anyone to take it on behalf of the foundation.
  • Members can’t use the donated things for personal uses. If anyone found with this kind of intolerable conditions his/her membership will cancel immediately and the foundation has rites to take legal action.
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